Summary of Basel 1 – Manchester United 0

By | December 9, 2017

Summary of Basel 1 – Manchester United 0 On VideoVarzesh3

Summary of Basel 1 - Manchester United 0

Statistics and game specs

November 22, 2017

Tournament: The fifth round of group A games from the Champions League group stage in the season 18-2017

Scorer: Michael Long (89)

Special occasion

  • Returning Marcus Rocco to Manchester United’s original mix after months of injury
  • Getting the Red Devils captain’s armband to Paul Pogba


The 11th minute saw Pugba Lukaco scoring a goal, and the player scrambled on the left after struggling with Watzlık, with the opponent’s goalkeeper thrilling well into the arena, Returned.

A minute later, Basel sent a penalty kick with header Fellini, but it was an ackan who prevented the ball from entering the goal with a timely presence on the goal line.

Summary of Basel 1 - Manchester United 0


The game went on to balance, but it was followed in Basel’s midfield. The Red Devils, who were hard at the opponent’s goal, could hit Marseilles in the 44th minute, but again Watsleigh sent a ball to the corner with a good fit.

In the last minute of the game in the first half, Manchester United’s corner was well repulsed, but it reached the point where Rooko tried to beat his shotgun remotely and the ball struck the opponent’s opponent to shake the gate to risk Basle’s ear is rejected.

In the forty-eight minutes of the game, Lukaco could have put Pugba in the middle of the field, but the header did not have the necessary precision and turned to Aug.

In the 50th minute, a stroke of a ball hit the ball behind the guest’s penalty area, and at this moment, Diy’s series sent his balls to the ball with a shotgun from the side of the vertical gates.

Summary of Basel 1 - Manchester United 0

In the 63rd minute, Stephen slipped a balloon on the left with a shot on the left, but his shot narrowed slightly at the opponent’s goal.

In the 67th minute, the situation for the Red Devils was worse, and this time after a few shots at the gate of the team that was returned, this long-ahead was a rush to hit his opponent’s goal with his head.

In the 72nd minute on the vacant space between the defenders of Manchester, the ball reached Oberlin, and just after the striker shot, Rookho hit his ball and prevented him from reaching the goal of Romero.

Description of Goals

Basel 1 – Manchester United 0 ;Michael Lang (89 minutes): Petra planted a dangerous move from the left again and sent the ball to the mouth of Man Utd United to put a blind spot on the ball and strike the ball into the British pitch .

Game summary

Basel 1 – Manchester United 0

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