Messi: I do not like the bench, but I must admit that the season is long

By | November 25, 2017

Messi: I do not like the bench, but I must admit that the season is long

Messi: I do not like the bench, but I must admit that the season is long

  • Leo about Extension of his contract Did not speak .

VideoVarzesh3 : Barcelona’s Argentine superstar Lionel Messi, who had just received her fourth shoe last minute, says she’s more enjoyable playing football every day.

Lunel Messi won the European Football Championship for the fourth time, according to mundodeportivo, at a ceremony held at the Barcelona City Hall today. Leo won the award from Lewis Suarez. At the ceremony, the presenter asked questions from an Argentinean superstar to see the answers in the following:

I have always said that it is very important to help the most needy people in my life. The more I can help more people, the better. Individual prizes come out of teamwork. This award belongs to all team members because without them I could not score. All my teammates share with me in this prize. Suarez There is a good relationship between me and Luis inside and outside the football field. It’s very good to have him as your next door (laughs).


I’ve always said that I do not see myself as an attacker. Over the past years, both inside and out of the ground. Every year I add more things to my football and now I enjoy playing football more fun. Bench against Jove? The fact is, I do not like the bench, and it’s not a normal matter for me to start playing on the bench, and people might also be surprised to see this scene, but it’s also a must have been admitted that the season is long and should be more and more day by day. take care of yourself.


Play with valencia At the start of the season, we should not forget that Valencia has a very good team this time and has a great coach, and the combined team has made it into this position. Valencia knows what is going on in the ground and has a distinct style. The season has started very well and will undoubtedly be a complicated opponent for us. However, we are in good shape and go to the masonry to continue our good process.


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