Simeone: Barcelona has been great in La Liga

By | November 24, 2017

Simeone: Barcelona has been great in La Liga

Simeone: Barcelona has been great in La Liga

VideoVarzesh3 : Atlético Madrid will be in Levante from 23:15 tomorrow (Saturday). Atlético Madrid coach Diego Simeone spoke before the press conference on various issues. He spoke about his players’ preparedness and injury, and Vorosiliko.

According to Marca, Simeone began speaking at a press conference and said:

Levante is a tough team. I hope tomorrow we will play the way we think. We have a good rhythm, especially in games outside the home. I hope we have the same energy in the game with Levante, which we had against Real Madrid and Rome. This game will surely be difficult.

Regardless of whether each player can play for a few minutes, everyone should feel important. This is not an easy task when you play in the league, and then you go to another tournament during the week. The coach must look for the best options. Cores played very well against Rome, Corea, and Torres was very good. Gamiro played a powerful game and played a very good game. Caracco was also better off than previous games.

Jarferan will be absent in the game, and Verlucao still has pain. I hope he will be able to recover and prepare as soon as possible. There are several options for this game. One is to play with three defenders and put the sides in Caraco and the party, or replace the escapade. They have players like Luna and Tonau. Morales is also very dangerous. Looking for the best for the team.

August fernandez He has played more or less. Regardless of having lost the ball in some of the sensitive areas of the ground, it has a good presence and put pressure on the opponent. Augusto is approaching the level that we expect from him.

I have no control over the results, but I have control over my feelings; that’s why I renewed my contract. I trust this team.

Escape requires a turning point to feel comfortable. Corya needs to appear in the penalty area to create a goal position. Gamiro finally played and the goal scored. Torres played well and had a great performance.

Basically, Barcelona has been great in the league. Regular league is held and now we are in thirteenth week. Everything is changeable. There is a tendency to progress and it shows itself in the game tomorrow.

Barcelona has been great in La Liga

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